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The hotel Santa Susanna Resort is located in one of the prettiest and newest destinations of the Costa Brava / Maresme, Santa Susanna. This well connected village is in-between the mountains of trees and the sea, the resort offers a variety of touristic services to ensure you have a pleasant stay. Santa Susanna is also close to the city of Barcelona (60 Km away), to Girona airport (35 Km) and Costa Brava region, so it has lots to offer you!

HOTEL SANTA SUSANNA RESORT – Crta. Nacional 2, Km 680 – 08398 – SANTA SUSANNA

Tel: +34 937 67 92 73 – Tel: +34 937 67 92 56 – Fax: +34 937 67 92 59


Tourist Tax:
Current rate: 50c (€0.50) per night, for first 7 nights. Persons aged 17 and above.